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turkey interrupts deer hunt

Well this isn’t what you expect to see in your treestand.

Every deer hunter knows the feeling of having a stalk interrupted.

We’ve all felt the frustration that comes with a squirrel frolicking through the leaves when you’re waiting for that wall-hanger buck. You’re waiting patiently for any sign of life when you finally hear something kicking leaves around.

You’re trying to turn your head as far around the tree as you can without showing too much of your body, as you think the moment is finally presenting itself. But then, as soon as you’re committed to believing it is in fact that big buck coming your way, you see a squirrel.

The same thing happens from time to time with other animals–namely turkeys–but have you ever heard of one literally jumping in a treestand and onto a hunter’s lap?

Watch the video below:

Turkey ruins a morning hunt

When a hunt just doesn’t go right!! 😂😂Jay Hall had one of his turkeys interrupt a morning sit for deer! 🎥: @pickleballfarm

Posted by The National Wild Turkey Federation on Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Jay Hall apparently wasn’t so surprised when this happened to him because the turkey was one of his own! Who knew a pet turkey would be so friendly?

The bird somehow walked all the way down to the stand just to get some one-on-one time with its owner, who quickly realized his hunt was going to be cut short.

“So it’s early deer season, and I came out this morning bright and early, climbed in my treestand and I was going to look for some deer,” Hall said. “The kids were asleep, my wife was asleep, the turkeys were asleep. So I’m here maybe two hours, turkeys start waking up, and then I see my turkeys start to meander around the back field.”

Before long, one of the turkeys made it all the way over, up in his tree and onto his lap. While it’s definitely tough to watch a deer hunt end early, it’s hard to not love this turkey, right?



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