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It’s bobcat vs. squirrel and this poor tree rat is doomed. Here’s what a ninja wildcat can do.

It’s a winter wonderland out there still, that is unless you’re a squirrel. Even with snow covered ground, these tree-climbing wonders still have to get around by way of the land sometimes, and when that happens: crunch!

Enter one enterprising bobcat that hunts like a lion and has moves like a ninja. Even the most agile and wily critters had better be well out of reach when this bad boy shows up, or it’s lights out.

When you see what this beautiful Bob does to actually catch the squirrel, you’ll be calling Cirque du Soleil to tell them that you’ve found their new act. Be glad that we don’t have to do this to catch our lunch every day.

The video starts with a bit of animated stuff that may fool you, so skip ahead 20-seconds or so:

bobcat catches squirrel

You got to see this bobcat catch this squirrel credit to toby gray go check out his designs and page

Posted by The Opener on Monday, December 3, 2018

Bobcats are the scourge of squirrels and other ground animals everywhere, and this just proves again. Seeing how it begins to stalk its prey just reminds us of the stealth that it takes to hunt!

Congratulations to the person who took this video for being in the right place and at the right time and for having a fairly steady hand doing it.

This isn’t the first Bob we’ve seen do this. Just imagine all the hunts that a wildcat has to have before it’s successful and you’ll appreciate it all the more!

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