Our Aquatic Habitat Rehabilitation project at Conestoga Reservoir west of Lincoln has taken a while to complete.  Ain’t no excuses for that, and in fact there is no reason to make excuses–it takes some time to move over a half-million cubic yards of sediment.  There literally are a couple of new hills that were created with all of that sediment.

No, “mother nature” did not do us any favors as too much precipitation slowed progress on the project over and over, but finally the work is getting close to being done.  If you get a chance, I would encourage you to take a drive around the reservoir right now, in fact, take a camera and snap some photos of what will soon be below the surface of the water.  There are a bunch of cover objects, fish attractors and structure that you are going to want to know about in the next few years!

If you cannot take a tour, here is a drone video that was taken during the project.  It will give you a really good idea of the scope of the work, but it does NOT come close to what it looks like now!

Let me pique your interest with some photos taken about the same time as the drone footage, in the middle of the work, not nearly what you can see out there right now!







Of course no project can be complete until the new concrete outhouse is done:


Outlet gates should be closed soon and fish stocking is imminent.  Once again, the future is bright!

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