Bass, walleye, perch, crappie over rock, weeds, sand etc. all may need a different ice jig choice for your day on the ice to be successful. Clam Corp has a ice jig for every occasion and every situation. Here are a few choices of the many. Here is a link to the Clam Corp jig selection >>

Clam Jigs For Every Occasion

Blade Jig – We take the same body as the Blade Spoon and mold it onto a fixed single hook. Simply put, it makes a fabulous dead-stick weapon. Bait it up with a fathead or shiner and put it down there on your second rod, bobber rod, rattle reel or tip-up. But keep an eye on it. Learn More

The Drop XXL – The NEW Drop Jig XXL weighs in at a full 1/8 oz. but comes with a compact 7 mm tungsten body. It features a XXL #4 Hook – “Two Hook Sizes Larger Than Drop” for large panfish and all gamefish species. XXL = Larger wire diameter so stronger hook, longer shank for stringing more live bait and larger plastics. Plus the hook has a larger gap for better hookups and bigger tie-eye for cold hands, old eyes and larger line diameters.

Caviar Drop – Fish love eating eggs! The CAVIAR DROP is designed to replicate eggs and features the latest technological advancements in the world of tungsten jigs. Shielded with a new acrylic bulbous coating, it reflects and refracts light. And it glows too!

Dingle Drop XL – Everything we said about the Drop XL goes for the Dingle Drop XL, too. A lot of times, you want to keep the jig size (and weight) the same, but need a bigger hook. Seriously, when you fish the Clam way, you are going to hook up with big perch, crappies, bluegills, with bonus bass, walleyes, pike and more. Besides letting you fish with larger plastics and multiple live baits, XL hooks are strong enough to stand up to big battles. And the wide gap helps the hook point find a home when you rear back. Made from tungsten, 30% heavier than lead.

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