Here’s one bowhunter who had the best seat in the house to watch a bobcat hunt a squirrel!

Drury Outdoors posted a video that they attributed to “Deercaster Joe” of a treestand hunt with his bow that turned into one of his most memorable bits of footage ever. Certainly we all see and observe animals when we are hunting, but the chance to see a bobcat stroll by is something that many have to wait a lifetime for.

When that bobcat stalks in and begins to hunt a squirrel, you had better have a stout heart and a steady video hand because the time is right to see one of nature’s best hunters step up to the plate and take his swings!

Here’s some terrific footage shared by one good hunter of a great hunter, and the simple expression through his face at the end says it all! Here’s how you really hunt squirrels:

🚨 🎥 Ever wonder why squirrels are so nervous all the time? Wonder no more. 🤔 DeerCaster Joe shot this incredible footage of a bobcat successfully stalking a 🐿. Wow!

Posted by Drury Outdoors on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

It’s not certain whether Joe had the bobcat in sight and was waiting for it, but he sure had the camera ready at the perfect time!

For the rest of us, it’s so hard to imagine being fast enough to chase down one of those darn deer-imitating tree rats, but that beautiful wild cat showed what it takes to hunt down lunch without breaking a sweat!

Give him credit for letting the Bob walk away with his (or her) meal, but make no mistake: if it’s the legal season in your area, that’s a trophy many would be proud to take!

What do you think? Does a deer hunt turn into a bobcat hunt when one walks in, or do you let it go?

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