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640-Yard Shot

The only option on this buck was an extreme long-range shot.

Long-range shooting is all the rage these days. Especially in parts of the west where sighting deer at extreme distances is common. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to get any closer when the bucks are jumpy and there are few places for a hunter to hide when attempting a spot and stalk.

An extremely long shot can also sometimes salvage a hunting trip at the last minute when nothing else will. In today’s video, former Major League first baseman Adam LaRoche gets a last-second invite to Utah for a three-day mule deer hunt. He has limited time to find and get into range of a shooter buck.

This hunt ends up coming down to the wire and his only option is to take an extreme long range shot on a big muley.

Adam showed a ton of patience here in waiting for the right buck to come along. We would have been a little more nervous with such a short timeframe to work with, especially when they did spot some solid bucks prior the deer he harvested. Talk about coming down to the wire!

The coolest part of this video was the fact we could see the bullet as it traveled to that deer. You can literally see the vapor trail and the drop of the bullet over that extreme range. We wish they had shared what caliber and type of ammunition he was using to hit such an extreme shot. In any case, this was a nice clean kill, which is what hunters are always looking for, regardless of the distance of the shot.

Obviously, this is not something you should just try cold in the field. Take the time to find a good range and experiment with different grains of bullets and really get the scope dialed in. If you can consistently group at great distance, you may just salvage your season when all hope seems lost!

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