Public Land Kayak Hunting

Kayaks have become an important tool for many hunters. While many people think of using them for waterfowl hunting first, these craft can be great for deer and other forms of big game hunting too. Mainly because there are many tracts of public land across North America that can only be accessed from the water. Many public lands are also heavily pressured and finding a quiet place can be challenging. Kayaks and canoes can help you reach locations that other hunters may have never even tried simply because they are so difficult to access. As a bonus, the animals may be using them as sanctuaries because there’s little human foot traffic.

Today’s video features Old Town Canoe marketing manager Alex Sherbinow giving his best water access tips for hunting from a kayak or canoe on public lands. Alex goes over everything from E-scouting to trail cameras, and the hunt itself. You’re sure to pick up a few pointers you can take into the field this season.

As Alex noted, finding a promising looking location while E-scouting via satellite views is one thing, but you’ll need to check it out in person to make sure it’s a viable hunting spot. Rivers are places of constant change as water levels rise and fall. Sometimes cover and trails that were there one year are gone the next due to things like flooding. Pay close attention to when the satellite imagery was taken. Sometimes you may need to do some extra work to find where the deer are if the area has changed.

We also appreciate the fact Alex talked about safety with this video. Especially about letting someone know where you’ll be, and when you’ll be back. It’s just common sense, especially if you’re going to be hunting a remote area.

Using a kayak or canoe for accessing remote tracts of public land can be one of the most effective ways to bag a big buck in areas that are otherwise inundated with hunters. If you’ve been struggling to find a place free of the competition, canoe or kayak hunting may be just the ticket.

Be sure to read out complete guide to rigging a kayak for duck hunting. Sherbinow gave us some great hints for making the most of your waterfowl paddling experience. And check out Old Town’s website for more information on the model of kayak pictured here.

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