Eva Shockey will host a Last Man Standing marathon this Thanksgiving on the WGN cable network.

Eva Shockey has yet again cracked through the wall that separates hunting and outdoor culture from the mainstream media. She was recently announced as the host of WGN’s Thanksgiving Marathon of Last Man Standing, the Emmy-nominated show starring Tim Allen and Nancy Travis.

The marathon will start on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 22, 2018 at 7/6pm Central. In advance of the marathon, the plan is for Shockey to create awareness for the six-hour special via her social media platforms, then star in 15 and 30 second spots that will air on WGN building up to Thanksgiving.

During the marathon, she’ll be sharing tips for cooking a field-to-table dinner, thoughts on decorating for the holiday season, expert commentary on how to shoot a bow, and views on all things outdoors.

Here’s a quick promo for what’s in store.

Breaking that mainstream barrier is a common thing for Eva by now, and she can count this opportunity alongside the RAM commercials, the FOX News interviews, and the book she authored and released last year.

After securing the first signature bow exclusive to a female and the second front cover spot in Field & Stream magazine for a woman, it’s getting hard to imagine just about anything too far fetched for such a determined and dedicated spokeswoman for our outdoor heritage.

We’ve long known that things like sustainable living, harvesting your own organic protein, and passing on the traditions of an outdoor and conservation-based lifestyle are what’s important to the sportsmen and women in our community. It’s great to see Eva taking those values and using them as a door-opening device to show folks who may not know how rewarding it can be.

A person like Eva has been needed in this industry for a while. Here’s betting this isn’t the last time we see her someplace new, filling a role that hasn’t been filled before, and representing our community with experience and grace.



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