As a tournament fisherman and recreational boater, falling into the water or having a passenger go overboard is one of my worst fears, and rightly so, as the consequences can be disastrous. My old corded kill switch did very little to provide peace of mind as it dangled beside the helm, unable to provide any real protection should the unthinkable happen.

A Guides Perspective On Going Wireless

Since installing the Fell Marine MOB+ Wireless Kill Switch System at the beginning of 2017, my crew and I can proudly say we have used our kill switch on each and every boat trip.  Over the course of this year, we have fished multiple tournaments, traveling over 4,000 nautical miles in both the US and the Bahamas, each step of the way we have been protected by a kill switch that is securely attached to the captain’s wrist at all times. Continue Reading at this link >>>

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