Yamaha Marine Group kicks off 2018 with a new addition to the V MAX SHO® family, new power and rigging options, and a brand-new color choice for F300 and F350 offshore models; Yamaha White.

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“The new products we will introduce in the first quarter of 2018 are all about giving customers exactly what they want to create a personalized, exceptional boating experience,” said Ben Speciale, Yamaha Marine Group President. “With these new outboards, rigging, and feature-rich choices, customers can really tailor their outboard power choice to fit their exact boating needs and preferences.”

All-New V MAX SHO® 90

Yamaha Marine adds another power option to its legendary V MAX SHO® family in 2018, the V MAX SHO 90. The smallest of the SHO family is among the strongest of all the 90-horsepower outboards on the market, offering class-leading torque and top speed. It is the perfect power solution for inshore and multi-species boats.

Yamaha’s V MAX SHO 90 leads the 90-horsepower class in torque and top speed. A single overhead camshaft drives four valves per cylinder, delivering more power from less weight.

Not only is the V MAX SHO 90 the fastest in its class, it’s also quiet, which means better fishing experiences. And with Yamaha propellers featuring the exclusive Shift Dampener System™ (SDS™), such as the Talon® SS4™ SDS propeller, it’s even quieter.

For more convenience and control, the V MAX SHO 90 is compatible with Yamaha’s variable trolling RPM switch (VTS™) for slow trolling and again, better fishing. It is also Y-COP® compatible for increased theft protection.

Because it is a four-stroke, Yamaha’s V MAX SHO 90 does not need an oil tank, which means more space for storage or batteries. In addition, the all-new V MAX SHO 90 can be rigged for use with Yamaha’s award-winning multifunction tiller handle. Other features include a full 35 amps of alternator power and a long-span mounting system for less vibration. The new Yamaha V MAX SHO 90 expected availability is March of 2018*.

F200 20-inch Shaft Model Now Available with Counter-Rotation, Offering More Power for Inshore Boats

Twin applications work best with dedicated left and right rotation outboards. Counter rotating “LF” models of the F200 have been available for larger boats that require a 25-inch shaft length; now, counter rotation is available for the F200 for boats that require a 20-inch shaft length. With the arrival of the LF200LCA, manufacturers and dealers can now rig F200 twin engines on boats with 20-inch transoms. The new F200 20-inch shaft model expected availability, in digital electronic control only, is May 2018*.

New 6X3 Control Adds Versatility, Fits More Boat Styles

For the first time, Yamaha 6X3 controls can be mounted on either the left or right side of a gunnel or console. The new control fits most single-engine applications and is ideal for those that require left mounting, such as small RIB inflatables, where mounting location is an issue. It now has a more contemporary look and better ergonomics, too.

The 6X3 Control is always a great choice for bass boats and other freshwater applications. The flush-mount mechanical control includes thumb-operated trim/tilt switch, neutral switch, and a push-button neutral warm-up. The new 6X3 Control expected availability is March 2018*.

Yamaha F300 and F350 Now Available in Yamaha White

More than 30 percent of new boat customers in the offshore segment want their outboards painted white. Custom paint adds extra cost for the consumer, and may not meet Yamaha standards for UV resistance and corrosion protection. Now, boat builders and full-line dealers can order white directly from Yamaha for F300 and F350 outboards.

Yamaha White is a pearlescent white that thrives in the sunlight. Designed to complement all gelcoats, Yamaha White reduces consumer cost with the complexity associated with painting after manufacturing. Yamaha White outboards are available only as late stage customization (LSC) orders and they will be matched with the appropriate length gray-color gear cases. The Yamaha F300 and F350 models expected availability, in Yamaha White, is April 2018*.

Yamaha Marine products are marketed throughout the United States and around the world. Yamaha Marine Group, based in Kennesaw, Ga., supports its 2,000 U.S. dealers and boat builders with marketing, training and parts for Yamaha’s full line of products and strives to be the industry leader in reliability, technology and customer service. Yamaha Marine is the only outboard brand to have earned NMMA®’s C.S.I. Customer Satisfaction Index award every year since its inception. Visit www.yamahaoutboards.com.

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