Looking for affordable deer stands this summer? Add these to your repertoire.  

Whether you prefer a ladder stand, a hang-on tree stand or a climbing tree stand there’s bound to be affordable deer stands on this list for you.

I personally prefer more of a run-and-gun set up that allows me to be mobile each time I enter the woods, but if you like a more stationary stand we didn’t leave those out.

Mobile Stands

Typically, I use my Summit Viper climbing stand that allows me to shimmy up most trees in a matter of minutes. However, depending on the terrain or the specific area, I might also do a hang-and-hunt with my hang-on or fixed position stand.

These stands mentioned below provide the elements of both mobility and stealth. You might have to make some DIY tweaks to dampen the noise or lighten your load, but they will be sufficient for a mobile set up.

The Boss Lite Fixed Position

affordable deer stands

This hang-on or fixed position retails off Big Game’s website for $69.99. The platform is 20-inches wide and 27-inches deep and can hold up to 300-pounds.

I like the fixed position because I have a wide angle to shoot from, especially if I’m shooting my bow. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to actively wear a safety harness and install a safe line your first trip up. It provides additional safety and also gives your loved ones peace of mind.

Guide Gear Extreme Deluxe

affordable deer stands

This climber from Sportsman’s Guide retails for $79.99. Climbers have been used by hunters for a long time. They’re durable and reliable when hung correctly.

I can personally attest to how comfortable the seat in my climber is. It allows me to sit long hours in the woods when most hunters are otherwise grabbing brunch and coffee.

Now, it may not have all the bells and whistles that the Summit Viper SD comes with, but nonetheless, this climbing stand should get job the done.

Ladder Stands

Ladder stands are great for hunting with two people or for taking someone hunting for the first time. It allows a veteran hunter to coach a new hunter while enjoying the woods together. It also provides an opportunity to converse without making a lot of noise.

Ladder stands are also good rifle stands that you can hang 200 to 300 yards away from deer and still manage to make an ethical shot (albeit with practice!). These stands can be some of the most affordable deer stands on the market.

If you plan a season in advance when stores are trying to get rid of their inventory, you might discover a deal.

Ameristep 15′ Two-Man Ladder Stand

affordable deer stands

This two-man ladder stand is under 100 dollars and includes free shipping plus RealTree patterned seats and gun rest.

However, if you’re patient, you might find some affordable deer stands Walmart is trying to get rid of at an even more discounted price. In fact, this is how I purchased my most recent two-man stand. Walmart carried several extra stands they needed to get rid of and heavily discounted them.

My only regret is that I didn’t have enough money to purchase all of them.

Guide Gear 16′ Extreme Deluxe Ladder Stand

affordable deer stands

This one-man ladder tree stand is under $90, and it’s easy to set up and comfortable for those up to 300 pounds. If you’re looking for a stand to throw up quickly, but still want it to remain in the same spot for an entire season, a one-man stand is probably a sure bet.

Personally, if I can find a two-man ladder stand for a similar price as a one-man stand I will err on the side of the larger stand for comfortability. However, one-man stands are easier to maneuver and easier to transport.


Ameristep 15′ Tripod Stand

affordable deer stands

If you’re in the market for a tripod stand, the one above retails at Walmart for $189.99. These stands are great for overlooking large fields or clear cuts.

They can sometimes be a pain to set up, but they provide a great field of view for spotting deer when they’re set up correctly and in the right position.


In my experience, I don’t feel like you’re compromising on much when you purchase a cheaper ‘off-brand’ stand except for the climbing stands. If you’re looking to purchase a climber do your homework on the locks, the seat and the material before purchasing. It might be worth it in the long run to invest more money up front for a more expensive stand that will last longer.

No matter which stand you go with for this fall make sure you wear a safety harness or safety restraints.

Whether you’re using climbing sticks, in a climber, or on a ladder, practice safety while deer hunting. Several companies including Hunter Safety System and Muddy Outdoors sell all the tree stand accessories hunters need.

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