The internet is a funny place, but you know you can believe everything you see and hear there. . . .

Recently, I was admiring some photos and the stories that went along with them about some really nice muskies that had been caught and released.  Yes, I was jealous especially knowing they had been caught from a Nebraska waterbody.  Somewhere in the discussion that followed someone asked, “Which state?”, as in “surely those had to be caught from someplace like Minnesota or Wisconsin”.  I do not know if the inquirer was shocked when the answer came back, “Nebraska”!

You’re darned right, Nebraska!

No, I am not going to tell you that we have muskie fishing that rivals that found in places like Minnesota and Wisconsin, but I am going to tell you that if you want to put in the work to catch a muskie, you can accomplish that on several Nebraska waters.  You might even catch a BIG muskie!

Don’t believe me?  Well, with my recent muskie success, I would not believe me.  So, how about this?

Once again, believe it or not, all of those muskies were caught and released in one day, and they were caught from a Nebraska waterbody!

Many of you will recognize the waterbody, and in fact, many of you will know exactly where some of those fish were caught.  Again I am not trying to be evasive, but if you are wondering which waterbody it might have been, it was listed in the 2018 Fishing Forecast!

Even though I have not been catching them, I love those reports, love the photos, love the videos!  It keeps me motivated, and it is only a matter of time until I hook up again, yes, in Nebraska!


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