Wyoming elk guide

This Wyoming elk guide is all that is man.

There are many things in life I hope to never experience. For example, I don’t want to get eaten by shark, hit by lightning or bitten by a cobra. I go to fairly great lengths to ensure stuff like that doesn’t happen. However, getting mauled by a grizzly bear while trying to fight it off with a knife ranks pretty high up there, too.

Wyoming elk guide Jon Sheets encountered that worst-case scenario very recently. As he was field dressing his client’s elk, an adult grizzly came charging in. Luckily, the client saw it at the last moment and screamed out. It was at that moment Sheets lunged forward and stabbed the grizzly in the side diverting the attack from his female client onto himself. 

“It felt like an hour,” Sheets claimed in an interview. “I could feel him on the back of my head.”

During the fray, the bear battered, bit and badly clawed up Sheets and his female client. Afterward, both Sheets and his client, one of several women invited to a cow-only elk hunt, climbed back on their horses, radioed for help and headed out.

Luckily, help arrived soon and both Sheets and his client made it to a hospital where they recovered and were stitched up. At this point, both are going to be OK!


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