massive buck

A Wisconsin man arrowed a massive buck this season in what he declared the hunt of a lifetime.

Joshua Gawrysiak, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, shot a 19-point whitetail buck in Chippewa Falls that he had literally dreamed about for the last several years. Gawrysiak had patterned the deer, viewed countless trail cam pics and videos of it, and had watched the massive buck grow year after year. 

Finally, after waiting in his treestand in a location he knew the buck used, it happened. The giant followed a doe past Gawrysiak’s stand and at 20 yards, he released his arrow. The deer didn’t travel far before succumbing to the shot and Gawrysiak realized a dream come true.

“I cannot believe this. It just amazes me,” Gawrysiak told Fox News“This is the buck I’ve been hunting for so long. Here he is, I can hold him.”

Immediately after killing the giant, Gawrysiak posted a Facebook Live video in the field.  The video garnered thousands of views and hundreds of reactions. 

“In the last couple of days I haven’t been able to sleep,” Gawrysiak told WAOW.com. “I actually woke up a few times and wanted to go sit in the deer stand, and then realized that, like my conquest and all the time put in is finally done, and I will probably never chase a deer like this again in my lifetime.”

massive buck
Fox News

Gawrysiak plans on getting a full body taxidermy mount of the massive buck. With a nod to “the hundreds of people who have seen this deer, have pictures of this deer and have hunted this deer,” he intends to display the mount in Scheels sporting goods store.

“It’s bittersweet. The journey is over,” he said. “Watching this deer grow each year for the past five seasons was special and it’s sad I won’t be able to watch him grow anymore.”

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