My name is Robert Montgomery, and I am the Activist Angler.

I’d rather be fishing than writing about the threats that endanger the future of fishing. But based on my years of covering issues related to recreational angling, I’m convinced that we are going to lose this pastime that we love so much if we don’t speak out loudly and forcefully in defense of it.

In fact, we are losing it right now. It’s death-by-a-thousand-cuts from  federal government intrusion, environmental extremists, loss of access, invasive species, pollution, and other threats.

On this site, I will document those dangers, and, I’m hoping, inspire you to become an Activist Angler as well. You can help me preserve and even enhance this sport that we love so much and that means so much to us culturally, historically, socially, and, yes, even economically.

I’m a fulltime freelance writer, specializing in issues related to fishing, especially bass fishing and freshwater fish, as well as water. For decades I’ve been writing about the value of and the dangers to recreational angling as a Senior Writer for B.A.S.S. Publications. I am a recipient of the prestigious Homer Circle Fishing Communicator Award.

I am the author of Kickin’ Bass; Why We Fish; Fish, Frogs, and Fireflies; and Under the Bed: Tales From an Innocent Childhood, published by NorLights Press, and  Better Bass Fishing,published by Countryman Press. My eco-thriller novel, Return of the Wolf, is available in Kindle format at Amazon.


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