Here’s a thieving raccoon high-wire act that has to be seen to be believed.

From the East Coast to California, this nimble little American animal is known as the thieving raccoon. It may be cute, but the fact remains that these little masked bandits make us want to get out the shotgun or bow and put an anonymous projectile into their furry little hides.

These pick-pocketing little thieves the world over have been raiding our feeders, grain bins, and even chicken coops for long enough! The trouble is, when they do this kind of freelancing circus act we have to stop and watch in awe.


Posted by Barstool Sports on Thursday, June 21, 2018

Little mister choppy should have his own show on Netflix! Even when you see the feeder collapse you have to give him credit for opening that safe like a master burglar.

Even for curious onlookers, that corporeal critter would make a beaver blush at its work ethic! Maybe it’s time for a new bloodhound that will track these little buggers back to wherever they came from, either that or give him a Corona and congratulate him.

A baby raccoon might give you a warm glow, but then they all do the same thing: grow up into one of these masked bandits, rob you blind, and then leave you with the mess.

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