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You’ve probably seen it in the movies, but have you ever seen an actual exploding arrow?

Action movies bring out the curious kid in all of us.

After watching a James Bond movie, the theme song gets stuck in your head and somehow makes you walk a little faster and stay vigilant of your surroundings. The Fast and the Furious will make anyone drive over the speed limit.

And, Rambo made this guy, Richard Ryan, want to shoot explosive arrows.

To make this actually happen, he had to make sure the bow was tuned to shoot the arrow at a low enough velocity that it wouldn’t blow up in his hands. However, it also had to shoot the arrow fast enough to explode upon impact.

Can he pull it off?

Watch the video below:


As you can see, he started off shooting one of his handcrafted arrowhead into a gelatin block, which didn’t cause it to explode. But as soon as he connected with that concrete block, we had some fireworks on our hands.

That, of course, led to the shooting of some watermelons–a staple of shooting videos far and wide–and eventually a rubber dummy target.

He didn’t mess around with his grand finale, either, as he placed the dummy at a long distance and shot from the top of a very tall rock, giving the clip much more of a Rambo feel.

You have to love how far slow-motion video has come, especially when you’re doing any kind of archery, shooting or explosive experiment. It’s so hard to see what’s happening in real-time, so slowing it down like this can be very informative.



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