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hunters rescue elk from mud

Thank goodness these hunters were there to save the day!

There’s nothing worse than seeing an animal in a dire predicament with no way out. Sure, hunters kill animals, but only to feed themselves. No hunter wants to see an animal die an unnecessary death.

In this particular case, we have what looks like a fairly young elk that’s found itself in a sticky situation in Alberta, Canada. It’s seemingly stepped into a very deep mud hole and can’t get out.

Realizing they were this bull elk’s only chance at survival, these hunters quickly sprung into action, but not without experiencing some difficulties along the way. As you’re about to see, the elk instinctively wants nothing to do with his helpers, trying to gore them each time they get close.

Ultimately, the two determine the move is to tie a rope to the adolescent antlers and lift the rear end with a large tree branch.

Watch the video below to see how it all goes down:

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Well, that wasn’t easy, but it worked!

You can be sure this elk likely had no chance of surviving had these two Good Samaritans not come along. But now, you can be sure this elk will continue to grow into a large trophy-class bull over time.

Not only do you have to respect these men for stepping up and helping this animal without hesitation, but also for remaining persistent even when things got dangerous. Many people would’ve thrown in the towel as soon as the bull started throwing its antlers around, but these guys finished the job they started.

Have you ever seen an animal in need of help while hunting? Have you ever been the one to step in and get your hands dirty? We’d love to hear!

Congratulations to these guys on a job well done!


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