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It’s rare that a deer does exactly what you hope it will!

Harvesting a deer with a bow certainly isn’t easy. Even under the best of circumstances, you have to execute a better shot with more obstacles in front of you, which makes filling the freezer much more challenging.

However, a much longer season allows for a lot more time in the field, which results in more analysis and research on your quarry, as well as the landscape.

Randy Birdsong of HeadHunters TV recently went hunting in Kansas, one of (if not the best) deer hunting states in America, so while he still faced the typical obstacles that come with whitetail bowhunting, he at least had an elite whitetail population in his favor.

Apparently he also had luck, though, as you’re about to see a trophy buck hop a fence and walk right to him in what looks like the perfect archery hunt.

Watch the video from Realtree Outdoors below:

It doesn’t get much better than that, does it? Sure, he still had to place the arrow in the vitals. He still had to control his nerves and patiently wait for the buck to come to him. He still had to account for wind and visibility from the deer’s perspective.

But, rarely does a bowhunter watch a trophy-class buck come to him or her from that far away and present the perfect angle for a shot.

I can only imagine what it must feel like sitting in a treestand for multiple, consecutive days without spotting a deer, and then witnessing a sequence as beautiful as this.

Fortunately, he didn’t waste his opportunity, either, as he managed to place a perfect shot that dropped the buck within walking distance.

Congrats to Birdsong on arrowing a monster buck!



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