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snow goose

When the cows get too close, you know it’s time to send in Ericka Luddy.

Nothing can ruin a snow goose hunt quicker than a herd of cattle crowding into your decoy spread. Cows may not be a common intruder for some of us who chase geese, but they certainly are for hunters in southern states.

So what’s a hunter supposed to do when wandering cows encroach on his or her spot? Well, if you want to be hilariously creative, just deck yourself out from head to toe in all white and simply gallop into the field.

Here’s the comical clip Luddy posted to her Instagram page doing just that.

If we had to guess, this isn’t Luddy’s first snow goose rodeo.

When asked about her unorthodox stampede-starter, she replied back with this:

“I was strictly relying on my imposing presence as a girl on a horse 😜”

Thanks for the laugh, and for showing us definitively how it’s done, Ericka.

Be sure to tag along on her hunting adventures by following her on Instagram.

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