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Antler Trap

This antler trap actually worked.

You’ll get all sorts of differing opinions when it comes to constructing antler traps. Some people love the idea, some hate it and say they’re dangerous to the animal if they get tangled up and their antlers aren’t ready to fall off yet. Still, some others simply think it’s just a lazy way to go shed hunting.

Whatever your opinion is, one thing we can all agree on is that we don’t often see any proof these things actually work.

Well, here’s a rare exception with a buck who comes in for some of that sweet, juicy corn in the late season. He ends up getting an antler snagged on the bungie and it’s enough to slingshot the piece of bone off his head. Much to the deer‘s surprise!

This reminds us of tying a piece of string around a loose tooth as a kid, and then trying to yank it out. In any case, there you have it, actual video proof these things can work. Make sure you check your local laws and regulations before running out and constructing a bunch of these in your hunting area though. Some states completely outlaw these kinds of setups, and you can run into feeding regulation problems in others. Especially since more states are now putting total feeding bans in place due to concerns about chronic wasting disease and other deer illnesses.

We won’t approve or condone of this type of thing. However we will say that if you do try a setup like this, it’s probably important to monitor it closely. Perhaps even with video like you see here. Just to make sure no bucks get hopelessly tangled in a case where their headgear isn’t quite ready to fall off yet.

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