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Under Armour Packaged Baselayer

Under Armour’s new base layer system is said to be even better.

Remember the days when people only knew Under Armour for its long-sleeve and T-shirt base layers? They’re now in all kinds of different markets, selling hats, coats, boots, athletic shoes, pants, etc.

They’ve also strayed from exclusively creating products for conventional athletes, introducing hunting gear and men and women’s casual lifestyle clothes. Their hunting clothing line comes in a fairly wide variety, too, as they now sell hunting leggings and shirts, camo hunting pants and jackets, gloves, socks and more.

However, they haven’t forgotten their roots, as they continue to make adjustments to their base layer products, which are especially important for hunters.

According to Under Armour, you can evaluate a base layer system’s performance by looking three different factors: warmth, stretch, odor control and fabric look and feel. So, it set out to master these four different categories with its new lineup.

The Under Armour Base products come in three different systems: the UA Base 2.0 Active Baseslayer, the UA Base 3.0 All-Season Baselayer and the UA Base 4.0 Extreme Baseslayer.

Differences among the name are pretty self-explanatory, as the weight and warmth increases as you go down the line. However, each uses the same features across the board to tackle Under Armour’s four key categories for base layer quality.

Each system uses a brushed-grid internal lining, which holds body heat against you far better than your average long-sleeve shirt. All three also use a four-way stretch allows hunters optimal mobility for less-than-ideal shooting positions.

Under Armour employed their SCENTRY scent-control technology, which it claims can hold over 90 percent of human body odor molecules, which will then easily come out with a round in the laundry.

And finally, it uses a polyester-elasterell blend of fabric, which makes for a smoother, slicker base layer you can easily layer on top of when the temperatures start to drop.

These new arrivals will become available later this summer.



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