Feral Hogs

Wild hogs have become a major problem for landowners in recent history, especially in Texas where the problem is teetering on the brink of total loss of control for farmers, ranchers and wildlife officials. Because of this, some companies have come up with innovative ways to combat the problem. One of those methods that’s quickly gaining more popularity because of its effectiveness is trapping. The animals aren’t able to scatter, offering the hunters the ability to dispatch large quantities quickly and humanely. Most states consider this the best way to make an impact in the war against feral hogs.

Watch the video below to see for yourself just how well these traps work. In this instance, the hunters managed to nab a huge sounder of 51 hogs at the same time.

When it comes to managing your own property, keeping invasive species at a minimum is a necessity. Many state wildlife agencies prefer this method because the spooked hogs don’t have a chance to scatter and range out to wider areas. Instead, the problem is isolated and dealt with on the spot. It’s going to be easier to wipe out this sounder after trapping them than it would be to hunt them down one by one with night optics. It’s also certainly more cost-effective than circling them with a helicopter and trained shooters.

This particular system uses a JagerPro M.I.N.E gate and a camera to remotely drop the gate. The only hard part is waiting for the perfect moment when there are enough animals inside to spring the trap.

When it comes to dealing with hogs, it all comes down to quantity. How can you take out the most in the quickest amount of time? These traps could be the best answer to such a huge problem in the South.


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