YouTube: Michigan Whitetail Pursuit
3 Legged Deer

This buck proves just how tough deer can be.

Most hunters are aware of how tough whitetail deer are to kill. They are extremely wily, crafty, and cunning animals with a nose for danger. However, we sometimes underestimate just how tough these animals are too. Their will to survive through extraordinary circumstances and the odds being stacked against them should not be underestimated.

A good example of a whitetail’s will to survive comes in this video from Michigan Whitetail Pursuit. Blake has been pursuing a buck nicknamed “Tripod” for the last few years. The name is fitting because this buck is missing the lower portion of his right back leg.

As you’ll see, this disability makes walking difficult for this buck. However, he does not appear to let his handicap get him down as he acts like a normal whitetail and does a good job of avoiding the hunter for multiple seasons.

Never second guess a deer’s will to live. It’s one of the reasons shot placement is so key in hunting. It’s amazing what these animals can survive if you make a less than perfect hit. Tripod is one cool buck. We’ll never know how he lost that leg, but it’s impressive how he managed to make it to 5.5 years old hobbling around like that. If we saw this deer in our hunting area, we’d probably just assume he’d never make it through winter. He seems like the first deer coyotes would target. Some bucks are survivors, and Tripod is one of them.

This buck did not have a huge rack, but he proves that the size of the antlers is not everything when it comes to a trophy buck. The age, character of the rack, and the fact he only has three legs makes him a unique deer any hunter would be happy to harvest.

We can only speculate how this buck lost that leg, but that’s part of what makes him such a special harvest. Congratulations on a great buck Blake!

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