Here’s some tips on where to look for while crappie fishingCrappie are social fish, they pretty much hang out together, and if you have fished in any area for several minutes without a bite, you would do well to move on to another area, but once they bite chances are you will get another.

When you put your crappie jigs in, two or three minutes is plenty of time to wait for a them before moving on. April is a prime month, and our crappie jigs exploit their feeding habits perfectly.

Many who consistently go fishing for crappie in a particular area, prepare their own fishing haven by building their own beds, and if you build them, they will come. Especially if you use Slater’s Crappie Jigs.

There are various ways to build crappie beds, but probably the easiest, at least for short term use, is to just submerge some brush; Tree limbs, left over lumber etc. Then strategically fill the area with toe sack that was filled with dog food or cotton seed meal. The logic behind this is that bait fish such as minnows are attracted to the free bits that seep through the fabric.

When you find bait fish, you will find great crappie fishing, especially if you are using Slater’s World Famous Crappie Jigs!

Here are some things NOT to do when Crappie fishing :

We all know the saying that “patience pays when fishing” especially when crappie fishing with any type of crappie jigs. However, that is the opposite when crappie fishing. Crappie are a schooling fish, so when you’re fishing, the most important thing is to be on the move to find these schools. “Do be hyperactive”, “Don’t settle into one spot when fishing for crappie”.

The first thing everyone seems to want to do is to get as close to the crappie as you can. That will backfire more times than not, what takes place is the wake from your boat can spook them if you get too close. The best thing to do is get a pole that is long enough to get the crappie jigs into the area that they are in.
Using the right crappie jigs:

When choosing crappie jigs, be certain to pick one that would appeal to them, one that could pass for their food of choice — minnows, small crayfish or any type of insect. Crappie are known for their good eyesight, so coloring is important. Opt for the jig colors that match well with the surrounding conditions. In clear waters, use jigs that are close to the typical color of their food such as silver and gray. At night, you can try blacks and dark blues. On days with lots of sun, try to use the brightest color crappie jigs you have

Crappie fishing at night:

Fishing for crappie at night with Slater’s Crappie Jigs can be one of the best fishing expeditions you been on, but there are a few things you need to remember for a really great night of crappie fishing.

When you’re Crappie fishing out of a boat with our Crappie Jigs, there are many things that can cause problems that you won’t find if you’re crappie fishing from a dock. It’s dark and you have hazards lurking in the water like stumps, trees, sandbars etc. You need to find a good place for crappie fishing during the daytime that isn’t far from the boat launch site, such as a brush pile.

Make sure you let someone know where you’re going to be Crappie fishing, and what time you will be returning, also remember your crappie fishing buddy. If you’re catching crappie left and right and you know that you will be returning a little late, call someone and let them know.

When crapping fishing, two anchors can keep the boat from swinging if the winds pick up at night; one for the front and one for the back of the boat and enough line to tie onto the anchors. Don’t forget to bring your Slater’s Crappie jigs!

When fishing at night, pay attention to your light. Crappie fishing with crappie jigs requires several different strategies for setting up night fishing lights and your crappie jigs depths. One strategy is to keep a small light on board that is not obvious to the crappie, to avoid repelling them but is still bright enough to see what you’re doing.

Enjoy Crappie Fishing with Slater’s Crappie Jigs!

Enjoy Crappie Fishing with Slater's Crappie Jigs

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