YouTube: Let Er Fly
tim wells

Wells shows why he’s one of a dying breed of traditional hunters.

Prepare for a whole lot of awesomeness in this short video. Tim Wells of Relentless Pursuit flashes the skill once again with an action-packed spear and bow kill sequence, showing us that he is a dying breed in our outdoor TV world.

Difficult shot after difficult shot, the animals keep dropping as he “Lets ‘er Fly.”

There’s no one quite like Tim in the industry; you see the passion and love of his fans via his social media outlets. What’s not to like? He’s a simple man who simply loves to hunt.

Not flashy, not Hollywood, he just hits the woods and hits his target.

Spear hunting and traditional archery seem to be losing their luster, what with all the high-profile hunting being portrayed in the industry. You don’t need the highest-dollar equipment and the latest and greatest new gadgets to be successful. Wells is a refreshing change of pace.

Tim Wells will continue to be the guy that lets ‘er fly, more blood will be drawn, and his passionate fans will continue to follow as they support the man who is most like them.

Simple, with a love and respect for the game.



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