Ever heard the term bar hog? Do you know how a hog becomes one?

Before you watch this video, we want to warn you. This video is a bit graphic and can be somewhat hard to stomach.

You may have heard the term bar hog. A bar hog is a boar hog that has been cut or castrated. This is a process that takes place for multiple reasons in multiple scenarios.

Here is a hunter going through the process of making a bar hog, and it is interesting to see to say the least.

Once castrated, obviously, the hogs can’t breed any more, which can help control the hog population.

But one of the main reasons people catch these feral hogs and castrate them is because once they get cut, and released back in the wild, they grow faster, fatter, and don’t have that strong taste or smell common to them. Many outfitters will do this to encourage better eating at the end of the hunting and harvesting process, and ultimately, a better experience. The hogs will grow to be enormous trophies. Whether that is ethical or not is a hot debate, but that’s what happens.

It is rather surprising to see how smooth the process goes. The pig seems to experience very little pain, and it is pretty clear that it doesn’t last long at all.

We’re always going to hear the debates that come from barring hogs, but at least it’s educational to see how it goes down.

I’m not sure where I fall at on the whole thing, but I definitely didn’t ever think about how exactly it was done. If it tastes better in the end, I can’t complain about that.


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