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Women are breaking into the hunting industry like never before.

Like anything in life, the hunting community has some stereotypes of its own. When people think about hunting, duck hunting in particular, they generally picture a long-haired, bearded man who lives in the swamp.

Depending on who you’re talking to, perhaps you picture someone a little more clean-cut, but no one immediately thinks of a woman. But why not?

Many of the industry’s most influential people are women, and yet the female hunter is still regarded as a rare unicorn within a male sport. However, it couldn’t be further from the truth, as more and more women are breaking into the scene, deserving the same respect we men give one another.

Watch the video below:

The waterfowl hunting circle is somewhat cult-like in nature. And, as you can hear from the ladies in this video, the stigma that men own the hunting space can be somewhat of an obstacle for women to overcome.

However, it’s clear these women aren’t going to let stigmas hold them back, for which we salute them!

Additionally, it’s worth noting waterfowl hunting is a great way to introduce anyone to hunting. The fast-paced action, the art of calling, the higher success rates, the implementation of dogs and the serenity of a marsh is enough to make anyone fall in love.

Rather than introducing someone to hunting through a slow-paced still hunt for deer that more than likely will end without a deer, hunters should start with something like this!

Congrats to these women for all their hard work in raising awareness, and happy hunting!



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