Bear Archery’s Legend Series can compete with any other brand on the market at a fraction of the price.

Every bow brand out there has a lineup of budget bows, as well as a lineup of pricier, high-performing bows. Typically those just getting started in archery begin with a budget bow, and eventually work their way up to a higher-end bow.

However, while the higher-end bows offer better performance and efficiency, they also present a higher price tag, often one that’s tough to justify.

Bear Archery is an isolated exception in the bowhunting community in that it offers higher-end bows at a more affordable price. Its Legend Series was already as good as any lineup on the market, but Bear’s now added three bows to their dealer only line that take it to a new level.

Here’s a rundown of the new Legend Series, highlighting each bow’s features and benefits.

Bear Perception

The Bear Perception brings extreme accuracy from target archery into the bowhunting community to create one of the most accurate hunting bows on the market. With this bow, Bear is looking to change the way people think a bow should perform.

At 4.3 pounds, the Perception can fire an arrow at 350 feet per second, fast enough to take virtually any game animal in North America. It features a 6-inch brace heigh, a 33-inch length from axle to axle, a 25.5-30-inch draw length range, up to 70 pounds of draw weight, and 75-percent let-off.

Bear Kuma 30

A legend lives on in the extension of the Kuma line with the Kuma 30. This bow features all the same abilities as its big brother, but boasts a reduction in weight and size. The Kuma 30 weighs 4.1 pounds and sports a 30-inch axle-to-axle length, whereas the Kuma is 4.3 pounds and 33 inches.

Any backcountry, big-game hunter will tell you the importance of shedding weight wherever you can, and the Kuma 30 takes an already-great bow and does just that.

Bear Approach HC RTH


The Bear Approach HC RTH bow got even better, if you can believe it. The original Approach HC took home accolades from some of the most reputable publications in the hunting space, and it’s now ready to immediately hit the woods. The folks at Bear added Trophy Ridge accessories to make it one of the best ready-to-hunt packages on the market.

This might be the best bow you can buy for the price. At 4.3 pounds and 32 inches from axle to axle, the Approach accurately launches arrows at 340 feet per second.

All of these bows are only available from dealers, meaning you now have a legitimate excuse to work your way to your local bow shop and check them out. There’s little chance you’ll find something as good or better with a price tag to match.


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