What do you get the modern hunter for a holiday gift? Read this list for some smart, forward-thinking ideas.

Admittedly, it’s tough to buy gifts for anyone these days. But when you’re shopping prior to the holiday season with a modern day hunter in mind, things can get even more difficult.

We mention that because, despite hunting’s traditional roots and historic connections to our heritage, it looks completely different today than it did generations ago. The way we hunt is a lot different from the methods of our grandfathers.

But that isn’t a bad thing if you embrace the innovation, learn how to adapt, and realize that change is just about the only sure thing in this world.

These gift ideas will help bridge the gap between what hunting used to be, and what it means to the modern sportsman in the year 2020 and beyond.

Bolt-Action Hunting Rifle

When it rains, it is a good day to hunt! Deer feel secure to roam in the wet woods where they cannot be heard. #huntingtips #deerhunting #idratherbehunting #tcarms #tcventure #weathershield #huntingintherain

Posted by Thompson/Center on Thursday, September 26, 2019

You can’t hunt much without a weapon, can you? And with so many advancements in hunting firearms, you should never settle for just any gun.

That’s why we’re suggesting the ever-reliable Thompson/Center Venture Weather Shield. We could have gone with just about any Venture model, but the specialized exterior coating is impervious to rust, helping keep the gun in tip top condition no matter where your hunting trips take you.

It comes in most every popular hunting caliber and is priced under $600. It’s the ideal combo of value and performance; most notably, T/C virtually guarantees MOA accuracy from the Venture, straight out of the box. There aren’t many rifles of the past that could claim that.

Hunting Muzzleloader

Today is #nationaltakeahikeday. Michael Waddell is on it! Michael Waddell's Bone Collector #tcarms #bonecollector #hiking #hunting #muzzleloading

Posted by Thompson/Center on Sunday, November 17, 2019

If black powder guns are their thing, then the new Thompson/Center Triumph Bone Collector might be the way to go. If you want to talk about combining the past and the future, the Triumph is a great example.

The gun is endorsed by Michael Waddell himself, and includes all the features of a traditional Triumph muzzleloader plus a great-looking Realtree camo pattern. All T/C guns are made in America and come with a lifetime warranty, because that’s what firearm companies should be offering these days.

Field Tripod

BOG makes incredibly nimble and versatile tripods, but the new Great Divide Tripod might top them all if you’re shopping for a modern hunter.

It’s strong but lightweight, and is fully adjustable from 22 to 60 inches high. The fluid head is compatible with Arca Swiss attachments, so the ability to quickly change between a glassing mount and shooting sticks is a major benefit.

Field Dressing Knife with Gut Hook

Here’s the ideal knife for a 21st century hunter: the Old Timer Copperhead Knife.

Why is a brand called Old Timer appearing in a modern day hunting gear list? Because they’ve taken the principles and aesthetics of yesteryear and enhanced them with contemporary materials and technologies to combine the best of both worlds.

The rubber snakeskin-styled grips will prevent slipping, and the ti-nitride-coated, high-carbon stainless steel blade will take care of any game animal.

LED Headlamp

Early mornings and after-dark tracking duties call for a good headlamp that keeps a hunter’s hands free. Thanks to modern day LED technology, this Brila 580 Dual Power Headlamp from UST is more powerful than most predecessors and runs on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

First Aid Kit

Modern information cycles have made disastrous situations common in news headlines, so anyone venturing into the wild without a First Aid Kit like this one from UST is either ignorant or dumb.

Fire Starter Kit

The same goes for a Fire Starter Kit, which any outdoorsman or hunter needs to know how to use and carry with them every time they’re in the wilderness.

Pole Saw

We promise your grandad didn’t have a cordless, battery-powered pole saw at his disposal. The Hooyman Cordless 40 Volt Lithium Pole Saw is the best way for hunters to trim trees, clear brush, and open shooting lanes, and they can do it all without ever plugging in or pouring gas.

The in-line motor and 40-volt battery keep the weight to under 10 pounds, and the whole saw can run at full power for 70 minutes.

These are just some potential gift ideas for today’s advanced hunting community, but what you give your loved ones should always be well thought out, full of practicality, and from the heart.

With any luck, they’ll get a chance to use them before the next hunting season is up, and the gifts will prove their worth right away.


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