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Cobra Adder Crossbow

The EK Archery Cobra Adder is a serious repeating crossbow.

While most archery companies here in the United States are focused on making crossbows lighter and faster, some companies have totally different ideas on the direction crossbow design should take. Enter prominent German YouTuber Joerg Sprave, aka: The Slingshot Channel guy.

Joerg wanted something totally different from what is traditionally on the market, and he ended up designing the EK Archery Cobra Adder crossbow. They are calling this a “tactical crossbow.” Their words, not ours.

In any case, not only does this crossbow have a tiny frame that shoots micro-sized bolts, it is also a repeater, capable of holding up to five bolts in the attached magazine. The interesting design makes for fast follow-up shots. It really is a fascinating design. Here about all the intricacies of this crossbow and watch Joerg test shoot it in the video below.

If you have been watching Joerg for a while like we have, you have seen some of the wooden and plastic prototypes that preceded this design over the years. This was not something he came up with overnight. It has taken plenty of trial and error for him to finally get this design to this point. The magazine of this new crossbow reminds us of the full-auto crossbow he built about three years ago. It seems some ideas from that design made it over to this one.

The draw weight on this crossbow is 130 pounds, which is nothing to sneeze at, nor is the 270 feet per second arrow speed. You would have to look at your state regulations closely, but it could probably be legally used for small to mid-sized game hunting in some areas of the country.

While practical applications for this crossbow are going to be somewhat limited, we must admit that this is a cool design. This crossbow looks like it would be hours of fun at a target range with friends and family. We want one!

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