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Michael Waddell

This may have been Michael Waddell’s unluckiest day ever.

As hunters, we all know that things do not always go according to plan in the deer woods. This is even more true when it comes to bowhunting. There are all sorts of little X factors that can turn your hunt sour in an instant. Many of them are things you could never plan or account for if you tried. That turns out to be the case with today’s video.

Michael Waddell is hunting in Kansas at a stand he has sat in many times before. Suddenly, a giant, Boone & Crockett class whitetail comes out and walks perfectly into his shooting lane.

What happens next is every bowhunter’s worst nightmare come true. Waddell’s shot is perfectly placed, but somehow, some way, bounces harmlessly off the animal. It is a hunt you must see to believe.

This was one of the most heartbreaking hunting videos we have ever seen. You can hear the pain and disbelief in his voice as he realizes what just happened. It is so hard to get any buck to walk perfectly into your shooting lane like this, let alone a world class animal. It is worth noting that many in comments section have speculated this was an arrow that was too light or a mechanical broadhead problem.

However, Waddell was quick to respond to many of these comments. He said the arrow was heavier than many people thought and that they did not believe this weird incident was the result of an equipment failure. So, what really happened here? Well, without someone taking the animal and getting a closer look at that cut and impact point, it seems we will never know for sure.

Chalk this one up as one of those weird things that happens in the deer woods we suppose. Unfortunately, that is just a part of hunting. We have all had moments of pure disbelief like this in the woods. I know I have had my share. Still, as if the arrow not penetrating on this buck was not bad enough, that second buck later in the day then made an inexplicable decision to not pursue the doe under his stand. Maybe Michael is right. Maybe this stand IS cursed!

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