What are the best mule hunting states and locations we have available?

This is the sort of question that can get a lot of answers, but we always try to answer them from our perspective, and with a little research and info-tracking to help determine a list. We’re tackling mule deer hunting and trying to find the cream of the crop.

If you take everything into consideration, what gives you a decent success rate, has simple enough tags to acquire, and represents the best of the best when it comes to hunting mule deer?

We tried to keep it all in mind and came up with these ideal opportunities for anyone to hunt a mule deer in the U.S.

Let’s get something clear early: mule deer are a North American treasure, and have historically been a testament to the hunting heritage in the western plains, Rocky Mountains, and southwestern desert.

There’s no doubting how high they rank on the bucket lists of countless American hunters, so here are our suggestions.

Colorado’s Various Hot Spots

Colorado is known to be a world-class mule deer state, having entered more than 120 muleys into the Boone & Crockett record books. The nonresident license fees aren’t ridiculous, and the draw odds are not impenetrable.

There can be considerable hunting pressure, but if a truly memorable experience is an important part of this goal for you, a Colorado mule deer hunt is a good place to start.

Arizona Over-the-Counter

It doesn’t earn the prestige as some other states, but Arizona has plenty of public land and as long as you have a good pair of binoculars and a high vantage point, you’ll be in good position. The open country makes for spotting mule deer easier, but stalking them tougher. Mild winters are a plus for folks from up north.

Idaho’s Prairie Bucks

It’s known as a prime time big game hunting state for good reason. There’s a great deer herd full of big bucks and a lot of them are found on public land. The season isn’t particularly long, but if you have the opportunity, this would be one hunt to put a stamp on.

Utah’s Big Mule Deer

It may be a little tougher to score a Utah deer tag, but if you do, the potential for trophy bucks in this state outweigh lots of others. The Safari Club International’s record criteria put Utah buck on top of both the typical and non-typical lists.

Truly dedicated mule deer hunters know the full experience isn’t really about the biggest bucks or extremely long-range shots. It’s making the most of a deer hunting season we don’t ever want to take for granted.



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