Considering the time and expense outdoor photographers invest in building a system of cameras, lenses and accessories, how that equipment is carried in the field shouldn’t be an afterthought. A photo backpack needs to be comfortable all day, provide durable protection and allow instant access to the gear you need so you can respond quickly to the scene. The new K&F CONCEPT Alpha Backpack 25L is not only stylish, it’s comfortable, incredibly versatile and highly configurable to suit your unique needs.

Key Features For Photography Backpacks

When choosing a photo backpack, there are several important features to consider. While a photo backpack may look like a typical backpack from the outside, the differences are immediately evident once you peer inside.

Photo of the interior of the K&F CONCEPT Alpha backpack

Front and side access panels provide immediate access to the main compartment.

Convenient Access To Your Camera & Accessories

Conditions often change rapidly in the field, and you can miss a great shot if you’re fumbling with your equipment. Among the most important features to look for in a photo backpack is a design that allows you to quickly retrieve the gear you need. The K&F CONCEPT Alpha Backpack 25L includes multiple access points to ensure that you can get to a lens or accessory swiftly.

The pack provides a spacious main compartment that’s accessible from the front and either side, as well as a top compartment where you can store additional photo gear or personal items. Plus, Alpha’s pockets are secured with waterproof zippers to help safeguard your gear from an unexpected shower.

Photo illustrating the interior compartments of the K&F CONCEPT Alpha backpack

The Alpha Backpack 25L’s front and side access panels, customizable partitions and a large top compartment provide organizational flexibility.

Highly Customizable For Your Unique Gear

Unlike a regular backpack, a backpack designed for photographers includes padded inserts that help separate, organize and protect your camera equipment. Because cameras and lenses can vary significantly in size, the ability to customize storage for each item individually is a big advantage. With the K&F CONCEPT Alpha Backpack 25L, you can adjust the padded partitions into a variety of different sizes and configurations. If you need room for a telephoto zoom lens, for example, that’s easy. If you need to make space for a second camera body or a drone, you can do that, too.

Photo of the K&F CONCEPT Alpha backpack on a photographer's back

Comfortable To Wear

Even modern mirrorless camera systems can still be quite heavy. It’s not unusual to have 10 pounds or more of gear in a backpack, which can be a burden to carry for extended periods. You want a pack that provides substantial cushioning on the shoulder straps and back panel and that uses breathable material, so you stay cool and comfortable. The K&F CONCEPT Alpha sports breathable mesh on its back to help increase airflow and distribute weight evenly to alleviate strain on long hikes.

Another feature designed to enhance both the comfort and versatility of the Alpha are its rotatable shoulder straps that are easy to quickly size to your body, as well as chest strap that’s adjustable not just in tension but also in height. The chest strap hooks into one of five different slots, ensuring that it’s at the perfect height for you. Or, if you don’t want to use the chest belt at all, you can remove it entirely.

Photo detailing the K&F CONCEPT Alpha backpack's adjustable chest strap

The chest strap can be adjusted for height or removed entirely.

Convertible From Backpack To Sling

The K&F CONCEPT Alpha Backpack 25L can be worn differently depending on your needs. Beyond the ability to adjust the straps to get the perfect fit, you can also use two patented rotatable metal buckles to connect the straps at different locations. While you can wear the K&F CONCEPT Alpha like a traditional backpack, you can also convert the bag into a sling to be worn more like a shoulder bag. This is where the side panels come in especially handy, allowing you to access the bag’s main compartment even when wearing the bag at your side.

Photo illustrating side access when wearing the K&F CONCEPT Alpha backpack as a sling

The side access panels are especially helpful when wearing the pack as a sling.

Generous 25L Capacity

For a photo backpack to be practical, it must be able to hold all the necessary equipment. Bags come in a wide range of sizes designed to carry varying amounts of cameras and lenses. The K&F CONCEPT Alpha Backpack 25L can hold lenses as large as a telephoto zoom and multiple camera bodies. If you don’t remove any of the included padded partitions, the backpack should comfortably hold up to two cameras and four lenses.

Dedicated Pockets For Accessories

Photographers carry much more than cameras and lenses. We also have multiple accessories, including spare batteries, lens caps, extra memory cards and filters like K&F CONCEPT’s X PRO Square Filter System.

Photo illustrating the K&F CONCEPT Alpha backpack's integrated battery compartment

Integrated storage for small accessories helps keep you organized.

The exterior of the side panels of the Alpha Backpack 25L include integrated pockets you can use to store larger items like water bottles or a compact tripod. On the interior of the side panels, you’ll find purpose-built compartments for batteries, cables and more. The internal pockets include a zipper cover, so you can ensure that your small accessories don’t fall out.

The top compartment of the backpack also includes a zippered compartment which is great for storing larger filters.

Photo illustrating the top compartment of the K&F CONCEPT Alpha backpack

Interior view of the top compartment.

Carry A Tripod, Too

Most professional and serious amateur photographers prefer to work with a tripod like the K&F CONCEPT X324C4, but carrying one in addition to your camera and lenses can be unwieldy. A versatile photo backpack ideal for outdoor photography will also have a place for your tripod. The Alpha Backpack 25L allows you to secure your tripod in the side pocket with one of the included adjustable straps.

Photo illustrating use of the K&F CONCEPT Alpha backpack's side pocket to carry a tripod

Conveniently carry a tripod in the Alpha Backpack 25L’s exterior side pocket.

Protection From The Elements

Bad weather doesn’t stop many nature photographers. A good photo backpack for field work should protect your gear from more than bumps and falls. It should also protect your equipment from changes in weather. The K&F CONCEPT Alpha Backpack 25L excels here thanks to a weather-resistant design, two-way waterproof zipper and an included seam-sealed rain cover.

Detail photo of the K&F CONCEPT Alpha backpack's waterproof zippers

Two-way waterproof zippers provide extra protection from rain and dust.

The backpack is constructed using a high strength 840D waterproof polyester, so even if you aren’t using the included rain cover, you can be confident that anything less than a downpour won’t pose a problem to your equipment. The external material is also tough to the touch, so it should continue to provide durability after extended use.

From The Backcountry To The Boardroom

A photo backpack that’s highly customizable and adjustable is a great value because it can multitask. With its modern, sleek design and ability to be configured as a backpack or sling, the K&F CONCEPT Alpha Backpack 25L can also serve as an everyday pack for commuting, school and more. In addition to the classic gray colorway, more stylish colors will be released this year.

Photo of the K&F CONCEPT Alpha backpack's integrated laptop sleeve

Padded sleeves accommodate tablets and laptops up to 16 inches.

If you want to use the Alpha backpack for work or school, for example, the pack includes a special padded compartment for laptops up to 16 inches. Within this padded compartment, there’s a second sleeve for a tablet and a mesh pocket to store folders and notebooks.

Smart & Sophisticated

With a stylish, easy-to-use design, the K&F CONCEPT Alpha Backpack 25L is an excellent choice for photographers who want maximum versatility and value. The backpack has enough capacity to hold most camera systems and extra lenses and is highly customizable to tailor for your specific gear.

This short video demonstrates the Alpha’s many innovative features and usability.

And check out this quick video to get an idea of the storage possibilities the backpack offers.

Learn More About K&F CONCEPT’s Innovations

With over 150 patents, K&F CONCEPT creates a range of innovative photographic accessories, including filters, tripods, backpacks and lens adapters—with more to come—and has been recognized with international design awards including iF Design Award 2021 and RedDot Product Design 2021. With K&F CONCEPT, See the Unseen. For more information on K&F CONCEPT products and the X PRO Square Filter System, visit

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