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T.K. and Mike

This classic turkey hunting clip escalates quickly.

Remember “Outdoors with T.K. and Mike?” These two hunting buddies released over a dozen of the funniest hunting videos of all time back in the late 90s. These two weren’t always successful in hunting, but they did always make us laugh.

Today we’re sharing another classic clip from one of their spring turkey hunting videos.

Have you ever gone out hunting and found yourself locked out of your truck? If so, you may be able to relate to this one. This one gets hilariously out of hand in a hurry!

“You bust out my window. I can’t believe you busted out my window!”

You know, we don’t think they harvested a big old long beard on this day! We love the “safety boy” lines he threw in there too. Mike’s mannerisms are perfect for this video. Hey, they had to unlock the truck somehow! It is a good thing they weren’t car thieves. They would probably still be there trying to unlock it.

We must admit we cringed a little bit when Mike busted the stock of that shotgun on the tree and when T.K. shot Mike’s box call. Our hat is off to these guys and the sacrifices they made to film a hilarious and timeless video. These guys developed Redneck hunting humor long before it became popular on many other hunting shows, YouTube and social media channels did.

In case you haven’t kept up with these guys over the years, we lost T.K. due to complications from cancer in 2001. As sad as that is, we’re glad to see some of these clips made it to the Internet so new generations of hunters can see and appreciate them.

Thanks for the laugh today guys, it was just what the doctor ordered at the end of a long and stressful week!

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