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Tannerite Hogs

This is what seven pounds of Tannerite does to a sounder of feral hogs.

Texas has a serious problem with wild pigs. Feral hog populations are skyrocketing in the Lone Star State and many residents are having a hard time keeping up with population control. Experts have predicted that nearly seven out of 10 feral pigs must be shot in order to keep the population where it is right now.

That is a lot of work just to keep the feral hog problem in check. Fortunately, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has given hunters almost total free reign to deal with the problem as they see fit. That’s why we see so many hunters utilizing night vision, machine guns and even helicopters for hog hunting.

For an even more extreme form of pest control, some hunters have taken to using Tannerite exploding targets to take out multiple wild hogs at once. The video below shows just what happens when a sounder of pigs meets up with seven pounds of Tannerite. It’s the type of thing that could only happen here in the United States. A quick warning that it is slightly graphic.

Using Tannerite to kill feral hogs may seem like an extreme step to take. However, hog control is a must because these animals can root up a farmer’s entire field in a single night. Recently, a teenager shot a nearly 400-pound wild boar on a farm near Columbus. The animal had been terrorizing the farm for a while prior to being taken down. Imagine the damage animals that size can do! It would probably be a danger to humans too.

These animals also reproduce at an unbelievable rate. One sow can have a couple litters a year. Combine that with their diet of anything they can get hold of, and it’s easy to see how this problem got out of control so quickly.

Hogs even like to snack on native bird eggs, putting a hurt on populations of turkey, grouse and other animals. As if that wasn’t bad enough some feral hogs have taken a liking to attacking big game animals too. Some hogs have been seen eating fawns. No wonder hunting hogs has become so popular for Texas. The saying there is often: ‘The only good hog is a dead hog.’

Other than using Tannerite, the only other way to take out a whole sounder of hogs is to use a trap to capture them all live and then pick them off one by one. Desperate times call for desperate measures we suppose. We hope Texans can find a viable solution to this problem soon. Until then, extreme measures like Tannerite may be the only way to take them out in big numbers!



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