Smart Man Over Board with Sea-TagsThe innovative Sea-Tags company announced today that it has partnered with Fugawi to make its cutting-edge and life-saving safety product available in North America. The Sea-Tags Smart MOB (Man Over Board) wireless system is just being introduced to the North American boating public.

There are two components to the Sea-Tags MOB alarm system to ensure boaters’ safety: a free app downloaded to all smartphones on board to monitor everyone wearing the smart wristband, and the exquisitely-designed waterproof wristbands worn by captain and crew. 

The smart Sea-Tags wristband emits 4 signals per second and the crew wearing the wristband can move up to 100 meters (300 feet) away in perfect conditions from the boat without triggering an alarm. The moment someone goes overboard and the wristband is submerged, communication is lost and Sea-Tags triggers an alarm on the smartphones on board while saving the time and GPS location of the incident. The Sea-Tags free app can also be enabled to send an automatic text message to another person in order to inform the emergency services while providing them with the time and last known GPS location.

“Thanks to leading-edge technological advances over the last few years” said Robin Martel of Fugawi “boaters have new choices for high quality safety products that are untethered, elegant and inexpensive”.

Sea-Tags has employed the highest quality materials to withstand salt, cold and the sun to make these devices durable in the harsh of marine environments and the wristbands can be worn continuously without compromising boaters’ lifestyle, look and comfort.

Sea-Tags wristbands are ideal for situations where a family is sailing or cruising, or a group of friends have gone out fishing on a boat. They could also be used to make sure kids on canoes or watercrafts, unknowingly do not venture too far from their parents.

The Sea-Tags smart wristbands cost US $79 each. The free app is available on both iTunes and Google Play stores.

Hi-res photos of the Sea-Tags MOB are available here and feel free to contact Jon at for other imagery and material.

About Fugawi

Fugawi was founded in 1995 in Toronto and distributes software services, connectivity solutions and hi-tech marine products from leading manufacturers. The assets of Fugawi were purchased by Johnson Outdoors Canada Inc. in 2016.

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