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A shed hunter goes on a solo hunt and glasses up a matching set of absolutely massive elk sheds. It may be the find of a lifetime.

Shed hunter Eric Chesser goes on a solo shed hunt into the mountains on public land. He’s brought his optics with him and has a good game plan to find some early spring shed antlers.

Eric’s plan is to go high and spend most of his time glassing, and charting any finds on his onXmaps app. He finally spots white gold, and then, when he moves down and stops to glass the shed once again, he spies the other side. He’s excited, to say the least.

So, he charts the location of the sheds and heads back to camp, intending to go and pick them up the following day.

This is a great shed hunting video you’ve just got to see. It perfectly encapsulates the excitement of finding a bull elk’s antlers this time of year.

Watch the video:

The next day is a scorcher. It took him around an hour and a half to climb the mountain to where the sheds were. No one said finding sheds was easy. In some cases, it may be harder to find a set of whitetail, mule deer or elk antlers than it is to harvest the actual big game animal! It all depends on what bedding areas, thick cover and food sources the animals are utilizing in the late winter months.

Upon walking up to the shed Eric is blown away by the mass and the triple brow tine on the antler.

“Whoa! I thought there was something going on on the front! I looked at the pictures all morning. I’m like, does that thing got a triple brow?” he exclaims pumping his fist. “Guys, my two favorite extra points on an elk is a crotch point after the fourth and triple fronts. And that’s my first triple brow tine bull.”

After another 30 minutes or so of shed antler hunting he found the other side, which was only around 50 or 60 yards from the first side. It too was an impressive side, although it didn’t have a triple brow like the first.

No doubt. Hope you were paying attention, because there are some good shed hunting tips to be found in this video. Congratulations to Eric on an awesome find!

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