Seaguar’s Pink Label is easy on the eyes, easier to useSaltwater anglers practice their craft in an unforgiving arena, their quarry armed with scalpel-sharp teeth and razor-edged gill plates, not to mention powered by muscular bodies designed to travel incalculable distances in search of prey. These fish swim in habitats that are no less foreboding, whether tangled masses of mangroves, manmade structures of concrete and steel, or rocky spires rising from the abyss that attract pelagic bruisers like tuna and sailfish. For these reasons, fluorocarbon lines and leaders are mainstays in the tackle arsenals of saltwater recreational and professional anglers alike.

Seaguar 100% fluorocarbon leaders are uniquely engineered to succeed in these environments. Complete in-house control of manufacturing processes, starting with proprietary resins and concluding with custom Level Wind Technology to keep line stronger and smoother on the spool, Seaguar produces fluorocarbon lines and leaders that enhance catch rates and angler satisfaction.

Superior abrasion resistance, outstanding knot and tensile strength, and near-invisibility beneath the water’s surface make Seaguar fluorocarbons the leaders of choice for serious saltwater adventure. Moreover, for those circumstances when anglers benefit from enhanced line visibility above the water, Seaguar offers a unique solution for the fluorocarbon marketplace: Seaguar Pink Label.

Built on a foundation of Seaguar’s fluorocarbon success, Pink Label leaders incorporate a subtle pink hue that makes the line easier to see and manage above the water, while completely embracing all of fluorocarbon’s beneficial features beneath the surface. Pink Label’s namesake color dramatically facilitates knot tying, including the all-important union linking leader to a braided main line.

Once delivered into shimmering blue or briny waters, Pink Label’s heritage as a premium fluorocarbon becomes fully engaged, offering anglers a low-visibility, low-stretch leader with robust abrasion resistance and 30% enhanced knot strength over other fluorocarbon leaders. Seaguar Pink Label represents the ultimate confluence of angler-friendly features and catch-optimizing engineering within a single extruded filament of 100% fluorocarbon leader.

Jim Sammons, Seaguar Pro Angler and host of The Kayak Fishing Show, is a strong proponent of Seaguar Pink Label 100% fluorocarbon. “For me, the biggest advantage of Seaguar Pink Label is its higher visibility out of the water, particularly in low light conditions or when dealing with multiple lines, and then having confidence that it will share the proven low-visibility characteristics of Seaguar Premier or Blue Label once under water,” said the San Diego-based pioneer in the world of saltwater kayak fishing. “Besides the higher visibility out of the water, I really like the supple feel, which allows your live baits and even lures to swim better.”

A recognized expert in the development of new techniques for kayak anglers to target oversized near-shore and offshore fish, Jim Sammons offered these tips on rigging Seaguar Pink Label for a couple of his favorite targets. “For our local California yellowtail, I will use 60 lb. Seaguar Threadlock main line with 40 lb. Pink Label for my wind-on leaders. Anglers need that abrasion resistance and cutting ability when one of these tuna runs deep into the kelp. When trolling for big game like marlin, I use 80 lb. Threadlock linked to 80-100 lb. Pink Label. The subtle color of Pink Label above the water makes it easier to keep multiple trolled lines sorted out. And, when I do hook a billfish, I have the confidence that Pink Label will hold up to that fish’s rough bill.”

Seaguar Pink Label 100% fluorocarbon leader is available now on 25-yard spools in 15-100 lb. test with an MSRP of $10.49 to $51.49. When chasing supersized saltwater targets, choose Big Game Pink Label leaders, provided in 25-yard coil bags in 130-200 lb. test, with an MSRP of $61.99 to $92.99. No matter your target species or location, Seaguar offers a Pink Label solution to address your needs, with a leader that is easy on the eyes, and easier to use.

Trust Seaguar, the originators of fluorocarbon fishing lines: Always the Best!

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