Here’s the new logo for the updated Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation brand identifier.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the nation’s leading conservation organization for the betterment of elk populations and habitat, has released the new look for the 35-year-old brand.

The logo features a tweaked and refined elk figure profile, which has become their signature visual element, with stronger strokes on its head and antlers. The organization’s acronym RMEF has been moved to the outside of the graphic, the font is updated, and the overall color has changed to include only blue.

“The RMEF brand is an iconic staple throughout the conservation world,” said Steve Decker, RMEF vice president of Marketing. “This refinement is an effort to modernize that brand while paying respect to the more than 35 years of conservation work enabled by our volunteers, members, partners and other supporters.”

RMEF worked with Shine United on the rebranding efforts.

The press release unveiling the logo also mentioned “a soon-to-be-revamped website, social media platforms, email outreach and other tools.” Elk fans, including both hunters and wildlife enthusiasts, can look forward to an even better experience interacting with and learning about the foundation.

The work being done by the RMEF spans more species and hobbies than just elk and just hunting. Habitat improvements trickle down to other animals, access to millions of acres of land is preserved, and the successful reintroduction of elk onto their historic range makes for a better biological world to live in.



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