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Remember this classic commercial of Earnhardt Sr.?

It is hard to believe it has been almost 20 years since we lost Dale Earnhardt Sr. While “The Intimidator” was best known for his exploits on the NASCAR circuit, he was also a lover of all things outdoors. In the final years of his life, he became heavily involved with Team Realtree.

The result was a series of great hunts and one of the most memorable hunting commercials of the 1990s.

This commercial first aired back in 1997 and is sure to put a smile on the face of NASCAR and hunting fans everywhere.

“Man, what took you so long?” “I had to drive 500 miles to get here!” These guys clearly had a lot of fun filming this commercial.

It is probably safe to say that neither NASCAR, nor motorsports in general will see another figure as beloved as he was. Earnhardt Sr. shot several very nice bucks while working with the Realtree crews in the racing off-season. The Realtree crew filmed his last deer hunt. It was featured prominently in one of their “Monster Bucks” videos. In the aftermath of his passing, it was clear that it wasn’t just a business relationship to Bill Jordan and the other members of Team Realtree. They were mourning the loss of a legend as much as the fans.

Had he not been involved in a terrible accident we imagine Earnhardt Sr. would be retired with his own outdoors TV show by now. One positive to the sad story is that he did successfully pass on his love of the outdoors to his children. Dale Jr. has continued the relationship with Realtree over the years and has taken a few nice bucks on camera himself.

Rest in peace Dale Sr. and thanks for the memories over the years!

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