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This may be the scariest deer hunting video you’ll ever see.

Opening day of gun season is always an exciting time of anticipation. It’s also the best time to get a shot at that big buck. The only downside is that it’s also the day the most hunters will be in the woods.

However, a little competition doesn’t faze the guys at YouTube channel The Hunting Public. They’re not afraid to go out and hunt a heavily pressured public hunting area.

Aaron Warbrittion finds a rare public land spot in Iowa. While this area is filled with deer, it’s also swarming with other hunters. It isn’t long after that he experiences a genuinely terrifying moment as another hunter takes a shot in his direction. This is enough to make any responsible deer hunter or responsible shooter cringe.

The Hunting Public’s videos are always good, but if you just want to see what we’re talking about, jump to about the 6:00 mark for a truly scary hunting scenario.

Yikes! He wanted to go hunting and nearly ended up in someone else’s crosshairs! How did that guy not see him sitting there? Or was he just that selfish that he didn’t care?

Some people shouldn’t be allowed in the woods with a loaded firearm and we’d say the guy who shot in Aaron’s direction was one of them. Personally, I would have called a game warden and showed him the footage. That guy would have to be blind to miss Aaron’s orange vest and hat! One of the first things they teach you in hunter education is to know your target and what’s behind it!

However, the other hunter ignored all that to take multiple shots at that buck, which isn’t a smart thing to do. The buck never seemed to react to any of his shots, so it appears he missed on all of them anyway.

As Aaron said, it’s good to see a lot of people out enjoying the sport of hunting, but you simply can’t take chances and put someone else’s life at risk like that. No deer is worth that.

You must keep your wits about you at all times, especially if you’re sharing public land in close proximity with others.

This was just a wild day in the woods. If you kept watching after that, you saw that other hunter shoot a buck right in front of Aaron. Then later, he just couldn’t find an open shooting lane on a very nice buck. For better or worse, this was one opening morning he won’t soon forget!

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