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While this is pretty fascinating, it’s also absolutely heartbreaking.

No American deer hunter ever likes to see a whitetail deer die without the pull of a trigger or the release of a bowstring. It’s tough to look at it and ponder what could’ve been, especially if it’s a buck you’ve been watching through your trail cameras.

In this video, a hunter came across a male deer he estimated to be about 4 years old that was trapped under a fallen-down tree in the woods.

Watch the video below:

Ty had an unreal incident today. Just when you think you’ve seen it all…nature surprises you. Have you ever seen anything like this?

Posted by Heartland Bowhunter on Saturday, March 9, 2019

What are the chances of that falling tree actually killing that deer? No, but really, what are the chances of that?

Many of the comments on this video are questioning whether or not this was staged for the video, which isn’t the craziest theory. When you really look at the scene here, it’s almost like that tree fell too perfectly. Not to mention would the deer hear the tree falling? Is that tree trunk even big enough to kill a deer?

But, if we assume it’s not fake, and that most people on the internet are decent, trustworthy folks like the rest of us, this is insane.

First of all, this no slouch of a deer, but rather a mature buck that would’ve made a fine shooter next season. But also, that tree literally fell perfectly for this to have happened.

If that tree falls another inch or two in another direction, the deer probably wouldn’t have been pinned to its death.

It’s also clear this buck has been dead for a long time, whether it was trapped under the tree the whole time or not.

What do you think? Do you think this was staged? Was it legit? Or did the buck maybe die first and then the tree fell on it afterward?

No matter what happened, this is certainly a sad day for the hunting community! Mother Nature sure can be cruel sometimes!



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