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It’s amazing this topic keeps coming up again and again….and again. 

If anyone in America still has any concern with what Piers Morgan has to say, it may be the American outdoorsman.

As you’re about to see, Morgan goes off on a British hunter who’s hunted in Africa on private land for what most consider “trophy animals.” The hunter, Steve Jones, could barely get a word in to counter the onslaught of misinformation being lodged his way.

It’s amazing this type of logic is still so wide spread. As most in the outdoors industry know, it’s the hunter who’s so vital to keep populations of animals from extinction around the world. It’s the hunter’s money that goes to conservation and habitat protection.

It’s the people who watch and follow Piers Morgan who have no clue. Unfortunately, those people probably far outnumber hunters.

Here, just see how it all went down on Good Morning Britain. Try not to throw up.

Good grief. You think the animal-rights people and anti-hunters in the U.S. are bad. These people are just illogical. Somewhere, they missed the reason bus. I think we’ve all seen the numbers on how much hunters actually provide to wildlife. For some, however, even if they saw those numbers, they would say they were made up.

The terms “trophy hunter” and “trophy hunting” have become so vague that many don’t truly understand what they even mean. So, how do we educate people?



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