The Landing Net by Darl Black. Hard to believe we are into late July already! Weather wise, this has been an unusually rough spring and early summer. And looking at the coming week’s forecast, we are in for more stormy weather. Most lakes are still above summer pool, although many are approaching normal levels for this time of year. Creeks and rivers are somewhat high but coming down. The good news is the fishing right now on many waters is better than normal for late July – which I attribute to higher water levels. As you read this issue of the NW PA Fishing Report you will notice several examples. In particular, the daytime walleye bite at Pymie is better than usual for late July with fish being caught in 4 to 7 feet of water. The problem? Too many anglers have thrown in the towel. All I can say to you is “Get off the sofa and Go Fish!”

NW PA Fishing Report July 2017

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