Tomorrow, September 29, is National Hunting and Fishing Day.  Governor Ricketts signed a proclamation this week recognizing that here in Nebraska.

I have always thought that a national hunting and fishing day is especially appropriate for Nebraska because we have some great opportunities for a variety of fish and game.  We are the mixed bag capital!  Fall is a great time to “combo up” and do both, hunt and fish.

Need an example?  One of my co-workers here in our Lincoln headquarters had the opportunity to take a little trip “out west” a couple of weeks ago.  While he was out there he managed to knock out his Trout Slam.


That was after he picked up his double-barrel and dusted off some prairie chickens in southwest Nebraska.


And arrowed a pronghorn!


That is what I’m talking about, an epic hunt/fish combo!  Well done Dusty S., I am jealous!

Tomorrow is the weekend, National Hunting and Fishing Day, and the governor has told you what to do.  Now do it!

Besides that, the Huskers do not play until evening, you can hunt, fish, and still catch the game.  Is this a great state or what?

Oh, and GBR!

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