I have a nephew who just had a baby.  Well, actually, you know his wife had the baby.  It is their first, a boy, they named him “Colter”.  I like it.

It reminded me of this meme I stole from the interwebs:


I always said I thought a good name for a boy would be “Remington Winchester”.  No one has listened to me.

Actually, if I was going to name a boy after a fishing lure it might be “Rapala”.  That actually was the surname of the man who made those balsa lures and started that hugely successful brand of fishing lures.  “Husky Jerk” would be more in line of naming a boy after one of my favorite lures, a Rapala lure.  My son can be glad that those baits were not even on the market when he was born.

Anyway, if you have named your kids after fishing baits, let me know.  Zara Spook?  Thin Fin?  Rattle Trap?  Wiggle Wart?  Big O?  Wee R?

Have a great Labor Day weekend!  Take your favorite bait, and your kids, and GO FISH!  Or, you can GO HUNT too!

My son, Daniel with a nice walleye caught on a Shad Rap.

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