Always ahead of the curve, Iowa’s Custom Jigs & Spins is proud to release a 2018 catalog refreshed with many brand-new lure designs and added colors for proven performers like the Chekai Tungsten Ice Jig.

Just like Custom Jigs & Spins’ legendary Demon, Rat Finkee, Ratso, and Slender Spoon, these new baits are sure to earn MVP status with anglers across the Ice Belt and beyond. What’s more to be said about baits that simply catch fish? Anglers and dealers love ‘em; it’s a win-win.

“We spend a lot of time listening to customers, dealers, guides, and pros to design products that will help anglers catch more fish on the ice and open water. It’s not about trends or flavors of the month, it’s about giving anglers what they want, which are problem-solution baits,” says Custom Jigs & Spins owner and operator, Bob Gillispie.

“Our customers are very passionate about our baits,” says Walt Matan, Marketing Director, Custom Jigs & Spins. “It’s funny, everybody has their favorite baits, but everybody’s also looking for a specific color or small tweaks here and there. Lots of ‘Could you do this?’ Or, ‘I fish in this kind of situation, wish I had something that could punch through weeds better or a bait that’s more visible or calls in fish.’  And that’s what we try to do.”

He adds: “Bob and I feel very confident that anglers and dealers will be pleased with the additions to our line for this season. We spent a lot of time testing these new baits last winter and the results were really good.”

One bait that’s creating a lot commotion (literally) is the new the Rattlin’ Rotating Power Minnow (RRPM), a minnow-profile balance jig with added sonic abilities.

“To our knowledge, this bait is the first of its kind, with a rattle actually built into the tail,” says Matan. “It really ups success in stained waters, over expansive flats where fish have to find the bait… or any situation where you need to call in fish. Catches walleyes, big panfish, bass, you-name-it, on ice and open-water. It’s going to be a killer walleye and slab crappie bait this fall, too.”

He says they’ve also expanded the Chekai Tungsten Ice Jig family with 10 new colors in all sizes; now offer a plus-sized tungsten jig for walleyes, jumbo perch, and predators called the Chekai Magnum; a tungsten ice fly jig called JaJe (pron. yah-yee) for punching weeds and panfish in all depths​; and a new diamond-shaped tungsten with jeweled nose called Glazba.

To learn more about new 2018 Custom Jigs & Spins baits, visit or download the new 2018 catalog here!


Building on the huge success of the original Rotating Power Minnow (RPM), Custom Jigs & Spins is back with a lethal addition to the fish-catching family. Perfect for stained waters or any situation where sonics are required to attract fish from afar, the Rattlin’ RPM features a multi-BB rattle built right into the tail section!  Currently available in the 2-inch, 1/4-oz. size 3 model, and five deadly forage-matching finishes, including Red Fin Minnow, Orange Sunset, Key Lime Tiger, Orange Tiger, and Powder Pearl. MSRP $4.99.


Custom Jigs & Spins has added 10 new glow and non-glow colors to the hugely popular Chekai Tungsten Ice Jig series in all four sizes (5mm, 4.5mm, 4mm, 3mm). New colors include Wonder Glow, Gold Glow Tip, Orange Puffer, Circus Clown, Pink Clown, Pink Eye, Rainbow Tiger, Lemonade, Fireball, and Junebug. These new additions bring the total count of Chekai color options to 22 unique, fish-catching patterns!  MSRP $2.25.


Finally, a quality tungsten ice jig in a size suited for walleyes, jumbo perch, and other predator fish! Meet Custom Jigs & Spins’ new Chekai Magnum tungsten ice jig… a 7mm tungsten with a #6 long-shank hook designed to reach deep-water walleyes and perch fast! Available in eight fish-catching colors, including Clown, Firetiger, Gold, Pink Tiger Glow, Wonder Glow, Pink Clown, Rainbow Tiger, and Lemonade. MSRP $3.99.


New for 2018, Custom Jigs & Spins is proud to introduce the JaJe (pron. yah-yee), a unique tungsten fly with an attitude. It has a heavy, brightly-colored head designed to keep the super sharp Japanese hook riding at a 30-degree angle for instant hook sets on big panfish! The buzzer-style fly imitates small insects and larvae, so it will work best if it is tipped with a waxworm or spike for added flavor! Custom Jigs & Spins recommends using a Cold Snap tungsten toothpick for easy hook removal from monster panfish maws. (Available at Available in size 14, 12 and 10, and four fish-catching glow patterns with UV finish, including Chartreuse/Glow, Orange/Glow, Pink/Glow, and Purple/Glow. MSRP $2.99.


Also new for the 2018 ice season, Custom Jigs & Spins brings a little bling to hardwater! The Glazba (pron. glahz-bah) has a ton of attitude in a tiny tungsten body! Its tiny diamond nose picks up light refractions and brightens the day for bluegills, crappies and other panfish. The diamond-shaped body is front-loaded and designed to keep the hook riding at a 30-degree angle for optimum hooking from its ultra-sharp Japanese hook! Available in size 12, 10 and 8, and eight glow and non-glow finishes, including Clown Tiger, Chartreuse Tiger Glow, Purple Tiger, Firetiger, Perch Tiger, Blue Tiger Glow, Orange Tiger, and Pink Tiger Glow. MSRP $2.25.


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