The two-time champion is mulling over a big decision.
After three matches in two weeks, including an impressive victory over fellow comeback kid Stan Wawrinka, two-time Wimbledon champion Andy Murray is mulling over the decision to play at this year’s Championships.

It’s not so much a decision of fitness, says Murray. The real question then being: Can the Scotsman do himself “justice?”

“There is no risk [to] me playing tennis just now,” Murray said on Wednesday after losing to Kyle Edmund at the Nature Valley International at Eastbourne, according to Ros Satar of Britwatch Sports. “That’s not really the point. It’s just whether I feel like I’m able to do myself justice.”

Murray is enthused by his level of play but just isn’t sure that he’ll have what it takes to make an impactful Wimbledon run at this stage of his comeback.

“I have made decent improvements the last couple of weeks and obviously have been somewhat competitive in the matches that I have played,” he said. “But, you know, so I don’t just want to go out there to just play. I want to be able to compete properly. And if I don’t feel like I can do that, then I won’t play.”

We can expect a decision from Murray before tomorrow’s draw, which is to be held at 10 AM London time. If he plays he could be a very dangerous floater on a full tank of energy at his old stomping grounds.

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“If I do [decide to play] and physically I feel ready, mentally I’m in the right place, then I’ll go for it, but there’s no danger about me injuring my hip more than there would be at any other stage,” Murray said. “Obviously I could slip and fall and hurt myself, but that’s got nothing to do with my decision whether I play the tournament or not.”