Mossy Oak Overwatch

Mossy Oak and the National Rifle Association have united to help promote the long term perseverance of hunting heritage and the Second Amendment.

Named as the official camo partner of the NRA, Mossy Oak has linked up with an organization that has shared values and pushed for sportsmen rights protections since their inception.

To mark the occasion, Mossy Oak has developed an all-new pattern exclusive to the NRA called Mossy Oak OVERWATCH. In a way, you could say it’s the first camouflage that can represent the responsible use of firearms by law abiding citizens.

“Our rights to manage and pursue the natural resources of this great land are something we take very seriously here at Mossy Oak,” said Toxey Haas, founder and CEO of Mossy Oak, when official news of the partnership and camouflage pattern was released. “The NRA is the leader in preserving the opportunities we have as conservationists, hunters, and law-abiding citizens with the right to keep and bear arms. We live in a time where those topics are each facing their greatest opposition. That is why it is with great honor and excitement we are uniting with the NRA, so we can lay down our heads at night knowing that we are doing everything we can to carry out our mission to help people live their best life outdoors for years to come.”

Mossy Oak Overwatch

“We take great pride in our commitment to organizations that work around the clock to protect our resources and our rights. Toxey has long maintained that our corporate mission is to help others discover and enjoy their best life outdoors. NRA works hard to provide leadership in myriad ways to preserve and conserve outdoors opportunities for generations to come. Our entire Mossy Oak Family is appreciative of the opportunity to work more closely with the NRA in its efforts to not only protect our constitutional rights as American citizens, but to work on behalf of hunters everywhere to preserve our rights to enjoy the Great Outdoors,” said Bill Sugg, president of Mossy Oak.

Mossy Oak Overwatch

Mossy Oak has always aligned itself with organizations that look to promote effective conservation and find ways to help North America’s fish and wildlife, along with their habitat.

To us, the first pattern reactions we have are that this looks like a pretty versatile combination. The darker color not only adds some style elements, but there’s no reason why this wouldn’t work for deer hunting. Stalking a buck in the early morning hours or waning daylight of the evening would be more than reasonable in this pattern.

Whereas a style like Break-Up Country is almost inherently a deer hunting camo, OVERWATCH seems like it would work in less timber-filled areas just as well. The topographic map design almost precisely mimics mountains. There’s no reason this would look odd wearing on a shirt out and about or splashed on a pick-up truck; it’s a sharp pattern that shows you’re in the same frame of mind as Mossy Oak and the NRA.

You could even afford to include gear with this pattern in a bug out bag, it’s got that kind of feel to it. The design sort of reminds us a little of the various military patterns seen on armed forces uniforms.

Though it isn’t available until 2019, we’ll be eager to hear customer reviews and find out if it will be available at Walmart, since Mossy Oak supplies the large scale retailer with select apparel and gear. We can see this being on a lot of people’s wish lists. Consider it more than a small victory for the longtime favorite.

Being named the official camouflage partner of the NRA is something Mossy Oak is proud of, and the 5.5 million Members can count on support in more ways than one.


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